February 22, 2012

"Daily" Painting 4 -- Mmm ... Spicy!

Mmm ... Spicy
Watercolor on canvas
10 x 8"
This little still-life plays with how to create the feeling of depth in the picture plane when there in very little physical distance.  I chose the topic when thinking about our niece-in-law's mother. Aparna's mom, Kappu, is a great cook of Indian food and a wonderfully generous hostess.  Whenever we visit them in Toronto, we can always count Kappu serving us great food, no matter how busy she is.  She knew I also enjoy cooking for others, so she asked me if I cooked much Indian food.  I had to admit that I didn't know how to do that.

In response,  she made up a beautiful-designed packet of individually wrapped spices typically used in Indian cooking. I was told that she hoped it would inspire me to have the courage to try some Indian dishes.  They did, but I found the look of her spice grouping so appealing that I could never really bring myself to use the actual spices she gave me.  Instead I just move them from one container to the next, so I can look at them and think of my creative, lovely Canadian/ Indian friend.

I chose to place my spicy still life on wonderful table runner I have because the cloth feels exotic and its colors compliment the spices.  I also liked the  challenge playing with how not to have the complicated design of the cloth totally overwhelm the main subject of the piece.

I'm also including this piece in this week's auction on in my Gallery on the Daily PaintWorks Website.  Check out my Gallery, and bid on it if you want to.   I'd love to hear your feedback on this piece.

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