August 18, 2013

Fun on the Water - second of the Great Lakes beach pictures

Fun on the Water - Door Co, Wisconsin - by Tracy Feldman
Watercolor and Ink on Canvasboard
Although we were largely on land ourselves when we visited the Door peninsula in Wisconsin, I was struck by how water-oriented it was.  Locals and visitors alike spent much of their leisure time on the water, swimming or in boats of all stripes.  The fascination with being on the water seemed to suck everyone in.  This playful figurative "abstract is my homage to that fact.

I hope you enjoy this piece.  Tell me what you think.  Once again, I'm auctioning it on my Daily Paintworks gallery. The bidding will start at $20, but if it doesn't sell at auction, I'll raise the price to my normal (much higher) price.

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