November 9, 2016

Second in my "Vegetables on Oilcloth" Series

Can't Beet Them - 16 x 12" oil on Canvas.
 This is the second in a series of vegetable portraits that I've started since arriving in the Galway (Ireland) areaThe series was inspired by a wonderful oilcloth I bought here, and Ireland’s beautiful vegetables.

I adore the oilcloth's graphic quality contrasted against the natural shapes and intense hues of the beets.   Galway has a thriving farmer's market, and a number of Fruit and Vegetable shops in the area at which I can buy beautiful, fresh veg (as they say here) that still have their greens attached to them.  Including them reminds me that they come from the earth - which I love.

Hope you enjoy!  I haven't figured out how to sell these pieces on-line yet -- because I don't know how to handle the shipping, etc. from here.  But, I'm working on trying to put together a show here, and if I still have them when I return home, I'm going to ship them home in a bike box. Then,  I'll make them available for sale. 

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