October 12, 2012

Green Bowl with Fruit: Starting to paint again after show

Green Bowl with Fruit, 8 x 10 still life
Watercolor on Canvas
Getting ready for my show and the Lancaster ArtWalk last week while hosting guests was so time consuming that I didn't post -- or even paint.  Yesterday, I realized that I needed to start painting again.  We had run out of fruit, and I found that this is the time of year that Costco starts carrying persimmons.  I love their orange color and their shiny surface (as well as their taste), so when I saw them, I realized I wanted to get them -- for painting and for eating.  So, this painting was created.

Once again, I've worked in watercolor on canvas, and I love the vibrancy of the colors -- particularly after I sprayed the surface with clear acrylic to preserve it.  The acrylic spray acts as glass does for watercolors on paper; when you place the painting under that shiny surface, the work gets another, wonderful dimension. 

If you are interested in buying this piece, you can go to my gallery on Dailypaintworks.com and bid on it.  I included a number of pieces (that didn't sell at auction) in the show, and several of them sold.  I had started their bid price at noticeably lower than I priced them at the show because there wasn't going to be any bidding on them at the show, and I framed some of them.  It inspired me to keep producing works for the auction because now I know that even if they don't sell there, they provide some good entry-level priced works to help me build my collector base.  That's what all the "How to Sell Your Art" books say is a good idea.  So, once again, I'm offering this little work at a starting bid of $35.00.

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