May 7, 2014

Back In the World of the Sharing!

Back in the World of the Sharing!

Spring Abstract 1, Longwood Series, 2014, 8 x 10",
Acrylic on Canvas, by Tracy Feldman, May 2014.
It's been months since I posted on my blog, not because I wasn't doing work, but because I was having a sharing block. But, I've been working on that, and have recently committed to doing work and getting it out there.  Yesterday,  Arny and I went to one of the premier ornamental gardens in the US, Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA.  We had a wonderful day, walking in the sun, taking in their wonderful spring plantings, and as I started taking pictures, something broke free.

     The chronicling morphed into something more than just taking snaps of beautiful things.  I realized that I wanted to create a series of small paintings for my Daily Paintworks gallery.  So, I consciously worked to create compositions, capturing images that would be worthy of becoming part of this series: my Longwood, Spring 2014 series.  In painting lingo, I wasn't merely taking photographic images, I was creating source material.

I love the strong diagonals and vibrant tones of this little piece.  Initially, I considered creating a totally representational piece; however, I soon realized that on such a small canvas, a true representational rendering of the image would distract from those strong diagonals that I loved when I first composed the source material.  Thus, I chose to adopt a more abstract approach: one that got more abstract as the viewer's eyes went up and to the left in the painting.  I'm really pleased with my decision.  I believe the softening of focus did what I wanted, and I hope that you enjoy it.  I'd welcome comments.

         As part of my "getting my work out there", I'm going to put the piece up for auction on the Daily Paintworks site.  Bidding will start at $30.  If it doesn't sell at auction, I'll include it in the small works section of my next show, for considerably more than the starting bid. Click here, or on the Daily Paintworks Icon to the right to get to my gallery and bid.

        Since writing this blog post, Spring Abstract 1 has sold.  It's so nice to know that my work is going home with someone to be enjoyed.

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