May 9, 2014

Impresssions of a Realist --

Impresssions of a Realist - Longwood Gardens In Spring,
8 x 10", Acrylic on Canvas, Tracy Feldman
This is the third of my Longwood Gardens in Spring series of paintings.  The day we went to the garden, we had a great time seeing the flowering beds in the main ornamental area.  Lots of folk were having a wonderful time absorbing the beauty of the day and the plants.  But we realized that the real area reserved for painters and photographers was at the opposite end of the gardens.  Huge, colorful beds of spring flowers were surrounded on all sides by painters and photographers recording the plants.  This little impressionistic piece is of two sets of such "realists" -- a painter in the foreground and a couple of photographers in the background.  Either one could have been me, so it was even more fun to capture them for posterity. Tell me what you think.

Since I've written this blog post initial, this piece has sold on auction -- to the realist (whom I didn't know). Her friend spotted the piece on Daily Paintworks, and called and told her about it.  How cool is that!?!

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