October 28, 2014

Arvgarden B&B

Arvgarden B&B, 6 x 12" Oil on Canvas by Tracy Feldman
I just completed this little oil painting today.  It's of a lovely B&B we stayed in this summer when we were vacationing with Arny's sister and brother in law (Elaine and Larry).  It's in Wellsboro, PA.  We were in the area to visit what we in Pennsylvania like to call the Grand Canyon of PA.

I love the story of how the place got its name: Arvgarden.  The couple who started it  told their children they were moving from Philadelphia to the rural place were the mother had grown up to build a Swedish style home on a farm that they'd use as a B&B.  The response they got was, "OK, but you're spending our inheritance", so the couple decided to name their place Arvgarden -- which means "inheritance farm" in Swedish.  It is so cool that they made a private joke out of the name.

   I hope you enjoy this piece as much as we enjoyed staying there.  As usual, I'm going to put the piece in my Daily Paintworks Gallery, so if you're interested in it, check out the auction there.

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