July 23, 2013

Beach Inspired Abstract 1

Zentangles Down To The Beach 1- by Tracy Feldman,
11 x 14", acrylic on canvas 
I've decided to start a series of small abstracts inspired by the shapes that one sees when going to the beach.  While they are finished pieces in and of themselves, painting them will give me an opportunity to explore whether I should use them to create larger works based on them.

Beach Inspired Abstract 1 is inspired first by the sand fences we use on the east coast of the US for erosion control.  I have always loved the way the fence slats divide the space and how they create many different little vignettes between them.  For this work, however, I created a painting by simplifying  the form in general (note the lace of shadows), by playing with the color, and by adding zentangle-like elements to the large linear patterns on the abstracted slats.  I hope you enjoy it.  This piece will available through auction in my dailypaintworks gallery.  Check it and my other pieces there.  Also, tell me what you think of this piece.  Do you think it's something I should recreate in a larger format? 

I'll continue my "Dipping into and out of abstraction" discussion later in the week.

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