July 30, 2013

Beach Inspired Abstract III

Tangles in the Sky - Tracy Feldman, 14 x 11" watercolor,
pen, and acrylic on canvas
This is the third in my series of beach-inspired abstracts.  I love seeing people fly kites above the sea on a sunny day.

The  independent little kites in Tangles in the Sky are inspired those kites; but in my imagining of them, they are soaring on their own, enjoying the day as they see fit.  

 Like with Zentangles Down to the Beach, my addition of Zentangles as an element in the sun -- as well as on the kites communicates adds a surreal element to the scene -- as does my choice not to include the kite strings.

I hope you enjoy this piece,  and look forward to hearing what you think.  Like with the other small paintings I show on this site, you will be able to buy this piece for a bargain at auction on from my gallery on the paintworks.com website.  If it doesn't sell on auction there, it will go on the "small works page of my website -- where it will sell for my normal asking price.

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