July 25, 2013

Beach Inspired Abstract 2

Umbrellas in the Sky by Tracy Feldman, 11 x 14",
acrylic on canvas

Umbrellas in the Sky is the second in series of small abstracts inspired by the shapes that one sees when going to the beach: in this case beach umbrellas.  While this small piece is a finished work by itself, I'm also painting it to see if I want to create a larger work based on it.

Umbrellas in the Sky --
is available through auction in my dailypaintworks gallery.  Check it and my other pieces there.  Also, tell me what you think of this piece.  Do you think it's something I should recreate in a larger format? 

Later today, I'll post the third installment of my series, "Dipping into and out of abstraction". Check it out.

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