September 23, 2014

Getting Ready for my Show, Continued ...

For Danni - 30 x 24" Acrylic on Canvas by Tracy Feldman

One of the things that artists do when getting ready for a show is to evaluate works that we thought were done. Some, we decide need to be reworked.  Today I did just that with a  piece that is part of my Rouen Cathedral series.  It's called  For Danni because I was thinking of my sister, Danni, a certified "Zen Tangle" artist and teacher.  I originally conceived this piece as monochromatic, and liked it that way.  But looking at it through the eyes of someone who was attending my show, I realized that it didn't "pop" the way I wanted it to, so I went back and modified it.  

I've included a whole series of pictures so you can see the process I went through.  The difference between the second- to-last stage and the final stage is subtle: I glazed a yellow over the orange and then extended the glaze over the blue background to tone down the "sun",  helping link the painting's warm and cool elements.

In the next couple of days, I am going to finish framing this piece for the show; then it will be ready.  Yea!  If you come to the show at the Mulberry Art Studios (on October 3, 5-8, October 4, 10 - 5, or October 5, noon to 4), tell me what you think.

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  1. Your revision is wonderful, I liked it before but the swirling sun really makes this pop!
    Great job sis, Danni


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