September 4, 2014

Waterside Panorama

Waterside Panorama, 7 x 14", Acrylic on Canvas, by Tracy Feldman
     This is my second in a series of paintings that I am doing of places that bring me peace when I am there.   Although the exact location is the water view from the cliffs beneath Turkey Point State Park in Maryland, the view is meant to be an iconic representation of any of the waterside places that I love.   I love hearing the water lapping on the shore and walking along with very few people around.  That desire to more quietly commune with nature while at the shore is one of the reasons we love the west coast of Ireland, and one of the reasons we love visiting what we call "the beach" (the east coast's Atlantic beaches) in the off season.  Being at these places in the summer can be exciting, but the throngs of people running and shouting and the traffic jams don't inspire the peaceful feeling of calm that feeds my soul.

       I think that using a panoramic (whose dimensions are twice as wide as high, or vice-versa) is a perfect way to capture the feel of such a view.  I also love the fact that now my iPhone can allow me to so easily create a panoramic photo that I can use for a reference material.

     Once again, I'm putting this work up for auction on my DailyPaintworks website.  Check it out if you are interested in it.

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