September 19, 2014

New A&R Work for New Works Show

Spinner for A&R Construction
      Over the last couple of days, I've been working on a number of items to get ready for the show.

     This is the centerpiece of a new construction for one of the three series of works I'm including in my New Works Big & Small show.  This piece is part of my A&R (Addiction and Recovery) Series.   It is the spinner that will be part of a carnival-style "prize" wheel. Attendees will have the chance to spin this Denial and Acceptance wheel.  The upper half of the wheel will present different symptoms of the underlying disease of addiction that people can get if they choose to keep living in denial about things in their lives, or life in general.  The lower half of the wheel will represent the greater peace, health, etc. that addicts, and others, can have  if they choose to accept themselves as they are and their "life as life is".

      It was fun trying to figure out how to make this spinner.  I started by recycling a Lazy Susan that was part of an old  storage system in my kitchen. I cut off the unwanted protrusions that held the containers and recycled an old piece of wood to make the double arrows.  To make the spinner, I recycled an old closet doorknob. The knob not only serves as the spinner, but it also ensures that the (lighter) Denial arrow will always land on one of the addiction regions. Finally I added a dollar store mirror to finish off the center.   I love the fact that the image in the mirror will not spin, so it will be a constant even as the wheel moves.

    I have included mirrored elements in many of the works in this series to do two things.  First, to add visual interest.   Second,  to enable viewers to see themselves in these pieces so that they will process them on a deeper level.   My intention in including this spinner piece in the A&R series is to introduce the idea that denial increases vulnerability to addiction[s], whereas acceptance not only reduces it, but can also aid recovery.

    I'll post another image of the piece when I'm done with it.  I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas about this piece and its intent.  If you want a chance to spin it yourself, come to the show at Mulberry Art Studios (19 - 21 N. Mulberry St., Lancaster, PA) in October.   I'll be at the gallery to talk with attendees at the First Friday opening on October 3rd (5 - 8) and during Lancaster's Fall Art Walk on the 4th (10 - 5) and  5th (noon - 4).  You can also contact me to arrange to have the show come to your area.

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