September 11, 2014

I have a major show coming up in October!

     I have been working to get up the courage to start showing my work again.  Fear had caused me to put off finding out about Lancaster's Fall Art walk until after the Labor Day holiday.  I assumed that would be OK because the event usually is in mid October.  But, I was wrong.  Instead, it's the first weekend in October, so I was late for arranging a place to do that.  Even so, I contacted my old gallery and asked them if I could participate in their group of artists who were showing during the event-- even if I couldn't be listed individually in the event literature.

     When the gallery owner, April, got back to me while I was driving to pick up my husband, Arny, I discovered some discouraging and some surprisingly lovely information.  She first shared that while she'd be happy to have me participate, she wasn't sure I'd want to do that because Fall Art Walk no longer was drawing the huge crowds it used to draw. However, she went on to share, Lancaster's First Friday gallery walk still was a big draw.  Not only that, but an opportunity had opened up for next month that she knew I could do, and she'd like to make available to me.  One of the shows that was supposed to open in one of her major Gallery spaces, and run all month, had just cancelled.  And, she was wondering if I'd want to do that -- despite the time being so short and the fact that I did not yet have a theme for the show.  I told her I'd have to talk with Arny about that, and get back to her.

     As I was finishing up my drive to get him, a theme came to me for a show: New Works Big and Small, by Tracy Feldman.  I realized that since I last had had a major show, my work had been evolving and could be broken into three major series -- plus be filled in with a number of the smaller, affordable works I had been producing as part of my dailypaintworks activities.  Over the next few weeks, therefore, I'm going to be blogging about the work I'm going to be doing to get ready for the show, including stretching and framing completed works, and finishing/creating works that I ideally want to include in the show.  So, keep checking this blog site to see how I'm progressing, and to get some instructional "how to's" about reframing pieces, making and stretching finished canvases, and making shadow box frames for works in the show that I believe need them.

     I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments and advice. 

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