September 1, 2014

Spiritual in New Castle, Delware

Spiritual in New Castle - 14 x 11", acrylic on canvas,
by Tracy Feldman

     For the next week's worth of paintings, I'm going to be producing works of things that feed me spiritually.    Today's little painting is of a place that I have visited numerous times over the years.  Each time I'm in this building, its quiet simplicity and beautiful light take my breath away and fills me with great peace.  This is even more true if we happen to be there when the late day sun pours into the sanctuary.

      The subject of this painting is the sanctuary of New Castle Presbyterian Church.  New Castle, Delaware is a historic little town right on the Delaware River.  It was the first place William Penn landed in the New World.  But, it's history even pre-dates English settlement of this part of the US.  In fact, the oldest building in New Castle dates from when the area was a Dutch colony.  The building I painted today was built in 1707.   I love its simplicity, dark wooden pews and large windows with deep window wells.  I am so grateful that the church's original simplicity has been preserved for over 300 years; and I also am grateful that the congregation still keeps the door to the sanctuary open for anyone who wants to visit (like me and my sweetie).

     I hope you enjoy the piece as much as I enjoy visiting this place.  I'd love to hear your comments.  As usual, I'm going to be making this piece available by auction through my web gallery.  Because the piece is somewhat larger, I'm starting the bidding at $35.


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